New box just appeared


I just saw the new box design. What material is recommended for that project? Will the kerfs matter’


Not cardboard. Those tiny parts won’t be strong enough…also they catch on fire. Don’t ask me how I know that.


They probably have recommendations for the materials on the information panel for the design. :slightly_smiling_face:


Medium PG plywood is recommended in the instructions. Kerf should already be adjusted for.


Where exactly is that information?


When you open any Catalog purchase file in the app, you can click on the little icon on the top row that looks like three dots… […] and an instructions panel will pop out to the right.

(And @dwardio is correct, this one suggests using Medium Plywood of any color.)


Also, two different people have posted ones in clear acrylic. I guess they don’t follow instructions. :wink: