New cut source idea

So I was doing some housekeeping/cleaning and came across old CDs and DVDs (writeables) including blank spacers. It occurred to me to do cutting and etching projects using those. The base material is polycarbonate. I was planning to burn from label side. While some have a reflective layer, that is only a molecule thick. Others have no reflective layer.

Comments, feedback?


As I have no personal knowledge or experience with cutting CDs (or using lasers,) the only help I could provide is a link to other hopefully more knowledgable people’s discussion on it.


In addition to what was said on CNCZone (polycarbonate don’t cut so good), another hurdle could be the reflective layer, which is aluminum, if I’m not mistaken. Aluminum reflects the kind of laser the Glowforge uses, though maybe the fact that it’s very thin might make it cuttable somehow.

I suppose a test might be in order. NIMLC (not in my laser cutter)


There are some youtube videos of turning a stack on a lathe…

well, that is good info. Looks like I won’t be directly cutting them. Maybe I will cut some kind of stencil for a Dremel or some other rotary cutting tool.

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Have not tried this, but I would assume using a papermask would block any reflection…

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