New design on my BMW keychain!

So I posted a couple days ago about my keychains ive been making. I decided on a design change for the BMW one and will prob be trying to incorporate more things in others I have planned. Let me know if you guys like it thanks.!



Do you do one where the indicators work?

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It’s gorgeous! I’d be worried about those delicate bits, though—they are bound to get bashed up if they are going to be in contact with a bunch of keys. Maybe encase them in a thick coat of resin?


Looks great! You’ll love it because you made it … and because you love your car.

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Very clean design, graphic reminds me of transformer :slight_smile:

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Kewl! :sunglasses:

So is this engraved out? Was it inverted? Could you provide a bit more details?

Very nice, now one for a BMW motorcycle.


Its a Jpeg i had of the image and i tweaked it and added some stuff as well as the cut line. Black and white image.