New drawing tool from Crayola




I’m of two minds here. First is I’m really really glad my kids are grown up. They would have loved this but I’d bet their inheritance crayon would have ended up everywhere :slight_smile:

The second thought I have is I must get one :smile:


But don’t crayons write on most any surface even before you stick them in a glue gun?


Ah. The article clears that up. It writes on stuff that a regular crayon cannot. Interesting.


Super cool. I wonder if you could mod it to get a spread like a frosting bag.


I also do batik and this just made me shudder a little (in a good way lol) :slight_smile:
Wonder if it has to be a crayons or if any wax would work?


If you live near a Michaels, you can get 40% off the Crayola Crayon Melter pen between now and Saturday (21 July, 2018) if you order online for in-store pickup, dropping the price from $34.99 to $20.99.

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