New Dumb Guy Leather Engrave Question

I am new to laser engraving/cutting and am wondering if it is possible to engrave the underside of proofgrade thick leather?

I would like to do the artisans clutch from the catalog, and then engrave intials on the inside of the clutch, so they are only seen when the purse is opened.

Is this possible and if so, any tips/tricks for this scenario?

Never tried it, but you might be able to just tattoo it at 2% power/ 1000 speed. (No masking).

Since the backside is rough, I don’t know how it will turn out.

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possible? Absolutely.
tips/tricks? Having never tried it, my blind guess is that thicker fonts might show up better than thinner ones, because of the surface texture.


Why not try it on a scrap and see how it does? Testing is always a good idea with something new. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The rough side of leather is absolutely burnable - but, you know, rough so a nice thick font choice. You may also want to mask or sand it in order avoid accidentally catching some of the strands on fire.

Definitely run some tests, and let us know your results!

I’ve done the Artisan’s Clutch (came out great) and I think if you leave the leather it is cut from in place (hold down with magnets or something), you should be able to use it as a jig for holding the cut leather on the reverse side. I’m pretty sure the cut is symmetrical. So just include the initials to be engraved in the desired location when you do the initial cut but ignore the engraving, then flip the leather over and ignore the cut and set the initials for engraving. Might want to test in cardboard first to make sure this will work.

Oh by the way, check out the link to my clutch above–I include a design for a gluing jig that makes it easier to glue the leather to the plywood.


You could make a stamp with your logo and stamp it with die.

Wow, thanks so much for all the great responses.
Great suggestions!
I am going to do some testing this week, and I will post pics of the results.

Also, cynd, that looks aresome, and I will definitely be using your jig!

As others noted–it should work, but do mask to get the cleanest work (definition wise, and keeping soot off all the rough split that’s harder to clean).

But I’ve gotton into the practice now with etching my logo on the outside of my bags (though many I do just ink stamp on the inside) and top side of my guitar straps & even some wrist straps.

Don’t be shy–Kate Spade didn’t have much success until she started putting her name on the outside of the bag!

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