New Engraving Idea



This might have to wait for the production models with everything unlocked. I was looking in my cabinets and noticed that my YETI tumbler should fit in the Glowforge, at least with the tray removed. I’ve wondered about engraving on this, though the curved surface seems like it would need some of the final production features.


You have a Yeti tumbler that is less than 2" high? Are you talking about the lid?


I knew I was off on some dimension somewhere. No, it isn’t less than 2" diameter. Dang it. Now I really need a sandblaster.


Try thinking about the laser as a stencil maker, and then tape that to your tumbler and use an acid etching cream.


I may have to. I can still etch shot glasses up front. LOL


If you find a tape that we can yes for a stencil I would sure like to see it. There are some out there but they are super expensive.


A stencil would have a number of design limitations, too.


I like to think of them as design “challenges” :smiley:


Yeti shot glass? :grin:


There is a widely available tool that will make a Yeti mug fit into a Glowforge.


You missed a piece of the tool, it is a 2-part.


I spent all day out in the desert waiting for one of those to fall from the sky so that I could harvest it.
Not a single one landed anywhere near me. Might have to order it.


Good luck. I’ve been waiting for a quality anvil to become available on craigslist (don’t let the glowforge fool you; I’m too broke to buy a new one) but no luck so far.


Couple decent sized ones are on CL up here, but they aren’t quite cheap (from $450-2000), and plenty of small railroad-track anvils for ~ $40-100.

They are a little heavy for shipping.


Previous boss would go so far as “design opportunities” :smirk:
He was right though…it’s all in the mindset!