New FB post project: Jonathan's hat band

Here is this week’s project post:

You know how some people have a thing that you can’t picture them without?

Maybe it’s a pair of distinctive glasses, some signature lipstick, or memorable shoes. For Jonathan, a software engineer at Glowforge, it is without a doubt his classic fedora (NOTE: Facebook has since corrected me - it’s actually a Trilby hat, whoops!). I’m certain that Jonathan was wearing the hat the first time I met him, and more often than not, it’s either on his head or on his desktop hand-stand. And a few months ago, it got a major (laser-made) upgrade.

The snazzy new hat band was printed out of super thin hardwood veneer, and the design reminds me of antlers - maybe a tribute to Jonathan’s home state of Idaho or his love of the outdoors. In any case, it turns it from a hat that you couldn’t pick out from a lost & found to something I’d swear came from a high-end millinery.

Do you have something you can upgrade with a Glowforge?


Whoa! :open_mouth:

(I’m the last person to like anything fashion related…but I like that!)


Yet another reason for me to stock up on some veneer. Love that look, and classic hats are cool (like bow ties )


Love this! Took me a second to figure out what it was. Haha!!


Very nice! What you can’t do with wood…:slight_smile: - Rich


Trivium: Trilby is narrow brim, Fedora wide. Both named after London stage plays where they were first worn and popularized.


More trivia–both were originally women’s hats, and named after women: Princess Fédora, of Sardou’s play, Fédora, and Trilby O’Ferrall of du Maurier’s novel, Trilby.