New FB post project: Marlo's feather hair clips


As I promised, here’s a link to the latest project I posted on Facebook - WITH BONUS PICS for ya’ll!


Hate malls? Me too. And so does Marlo, a product manager at Glowforge who decided she didn’t need the mall to create an amazing fashion experience. Between the office and volunteering at nonprofit Seattle Works, Marlo is usually moving at 100 miles per hour… and she likes it that way.

For a recent fundraising event, Marlo wanted to up the ante on her gala attire but wanted to replace a trip to the galleria with a little do-it-yourself. She spotted a simple feather drawing on a coworker’s desk, and that was all she needed to create this one-of-a-kind accessory. Going for a natural aesthetic, Marlo whipped up these stylish avian-inspired leather engraved hair pieces on a Glowforge and then spent the whole night fielding compliments and questions.

Receiving a compliment about something you made is the absolute best. What would you rather make than buy?


Bonus pics? #kickass !


Those are marvelous!!! Great job! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Those are really terrific! I already promised my wife a purse when I get my GF. I can’t show her anymore stuff like these. :heart_eyes: Super job! - Rich


Very nice! Those turned out great! :smile:


This is so cool! I seriously cannot wait until my Glowforge (aka Captain Forge or Dexter) come so I can start making super cool stuff!

Something that I would rather make than buy would be props/decorations. :grin:


love it!:heart:


Fan items for my daughter. She’s got her shows (Doctor Who, Sherlock {BBC one}, Firefly, Harry Potter, and more). It’ll be great to be able to knock out a deathly hallows hair clip or something on a moments notice.


Holy crud.


My wife and daughters will be excited to see those. Great job!!!


Mine will be Forgie. (When I get my 3d printer it will be Bess!) Ha!


what did you attach to the back of them? a simple bobypin? or clip