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So after going from the filter to venting outside we realized there wasn’t enough air draw to keep the glowforge clean so I repurposed the filter box to use it to help vent outside. I closed off the vents on the sides then bought a dryer duct connector kit from Home Depot cut a hole in one side bolted it in and now can vent outside! (We didn’t feel like spending 250 a month for new filters.)
I also bought some cut to size filters and used them inside the box so it wouldn’t plug up the fan.
I used a fine filter then the heavier one on top.


I am a little confused by your post. You have posted in Problems and Support which opens a support ticket, but I am unsure what you want addressed by the Glowforge staff. Also, when you say that venting outside had insufficient air flow to keep the Glowforge clean, I don’t know what you mean. Was the air flow insufficient to pull the smoke out of the body of the Glowforge? I am not sure which fan you are using for the exhaust - the exhaust fan or the fan in the filter. Is your filter toggled on in the interface or off?

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Yeah…I’m not getting this either. Sounds like overkill somewhere along the way.

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I’m guessing after removing the filter that the toggle switch still thought it was attached, because otherwise the draw from the internal fan should be plenty.

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Sorry posted in the wrong area it’s all good.

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This is actually kinda cool. Lots of people add inline exhaust fans to their Glowforge, mainly for noise reduction, but sometimes just as a booster so you can exhaust the smoke a longer distance than the built-in fan can handle. The fan in the Glowforge Air Filter is probably quite strong since it’s designed to handle the static pressure of a heavy duty filter cartridge behind it. Without that filter it must make for a great booster fan.


Great thought!

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