New from Grey Lightning: Laser Cut Switchplates

I really like the newest from Grey Lightning, because making replacement light switch plates is close to the top of my things to do list:


Switch plates have been on my to-do list since before I ordered. I’m going to have to take close notes on this one. Thanks for sharing!


I am going to be making a lot of switch plates. Love her videos. :slight_smile:



she’s so relaxing to watch :relaxed:

really cool stuff, i’m sure i’ll try this at some point. with that said i’m not sure i prefer the switch plates… there’s a lot of open space without the scalloped edge. for me personally, i think if you’re going for a completely flat plate like that, i’d do some sort of border to “use up” a bit of the edge space. i suppose one might always just laser the switch plates from the store :V

of course, i guess you could just scallop the edge yourself; i’ve only done it on wood but surely acrylic can’t be too impossible, heh.


I have to agree with you there, mine will be a very different design. Still, there were some useful tips.

What is meant by scallop in a woodworking sense? It must mean something different from what I think (semicircular border shapes).


it’s the same, sometimes you find it referring to a single sloping edge (like most of my light plates are rounded on all four sides).

Yes! I’d love to do that rounding on the GF, and I’m hoping it will be possible when 3D engraving is working.

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me too! i’m skeptical it’ll be an easily repeatable task (due to natural variation if nothing else), but pretty hopeful!

I would probably use my little dremel clamp-on router “table” to but a demi-bullnose on the edges of the swithcplate. What do you think Proofgrade­™ edges would look like routered? It’s layered right? Definately plan on making some for the house.

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I hope I’m like her when I’m older. I love her videos.

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