New Glowforge Table - Oak Cabinet - 6 Drawers - Bamboo Top

Started out with a top and a pair of Saw Horse’s which worked for a few months but did not give me any storage options as well. Plus did not look fantastic (not bad just not fantastic). So, I decided to take some leftover Oak from the Master Closet rebuild I finished for my wife in December and make something fitting of a Glowforge.

*NOTE: I still need to make the Drawer Faces, (You are just seeing the Baltic Birch drawer fronts) The Drawer Faces will be Oak center with Curley Maple wrapped trim around each face. I’m designing the handles from my first 6 Glowforge projects, each will be different.

The blue in the picture is from my Saltwater Reef tank on the other side of the room. (I did sew a upholstery cover for the GF to keep salt and moisture away as much as possible!) :grinning:


Now that is just beautiful! Very nice job.

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Wow! Nicely done! I like this solution a lot!

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First quality job! Leveling feet, full extension drawer glides.
I like that Polycrylic too.

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Thanks @PrintToLaser @bruceaulrich @cynd11

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You are definitely in your element.

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Beautiful! As if the Glowforge isn’t exciting enough … Sitting on a beautiful cabinet … Really, really nice!

Nice proportions and craftsmanship. Having a solid surface plus the storage is really important.

Excellent build! :grinning:

Cool! Perhaps cut something… :sunglasses: