New Guitar Pickguard for old Guitar Ibanez S-Classic

My boss bought an old Ibanez S-Classic, but it had some paint damage and needed some repair. So he traced a pattern for a pickguard to hide some of the damage. The material is a black flexible plastic he found and I cut after figuring out the hole placement.



Looks great…and it’s so satisfying to fix something like that. I have a gorgeous piece of tortoise shell acrylic I bought from Inventables quite some time ago. It just begs to be a pick guard.


nice job.

this would make me nervous if you don’t know what the plastic is.

i try not to burn anything i don’t know what the composition is. especially plastics.


Don’t think the material has been used in many years but a fellow musician has an early 1900s Gibson mandolin with a pick guard made from nitrocellulose plastic. Extremely flammable. Have a 1920s banjo with fingerboard binding made from the same stuff. Requires Hazmat shipping for replacement celluloid material.


That’s what I always remember, too…celluloid. I think guitar picks were commonly made out of that, too.

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Glad he has his pick guard … and it does look great … but, I’m more glad that you and your Glowforge survived cutting a potentially hazardous material.

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