New Ham Radio Project

I am a Ham (Amateur) Radio operator and I just finished putting together a semi-kit Ham Radio Transceiver. The concept of the manufacturer is QUITE unique.

The company is in India and the µBITX boards are hand-assembled by a collective of women. Each of the toroids is hand wound. This provides these women with livelihood. The assembled boards are then DC checked and a final RF check is performed to check the receiver’s sensitivity as well as transmitter’s output before being shipped. Each board is individually numbered.

Anyway, here is the finished product (most of the case is :proofgrade: draft board, except the front panel, which is :proofgrade: maple.


Very cool. I am a ham, but have only ever done VHF/UHF local stuff. Remember when cell phones cost a dollar a minute? At that time, a ham license and a dual band HT made a lot of sense! I have kept my license current but haven’t keyed a radio or even turned on a scanner in many years.



N6RCM here. It’s great to see an amateur radio use case. I’ve been thinking about using the GF to create cases for electronics projects. It’s great to see the front panel work out so well. Nice job.

73 from across the bay.


Very Cool…!

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That’s an excellent looking build, do you have a link to the boards?



Sorry, @dhaykus, had meant to attach the link.

I will attach the case layouts when after I make a couple of changes.


Okay, thanks for that. I’ll check them out.

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If you make a couple of changes, then you might want to swap the “I” and “E” in transceiver.

Sorry, I’m a writer and it’s an occupational hazard to see this stuff. The piece looks great!


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Very cool! :grinning:

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Sweet build!! KG5EOO here.