New hotness: Nintendo Super mini thing


So saw the Nintendo announcement for the SNES mini…holy crap is that a great collection of games.


Nice! Now all we need is a Super Scope the size of a rifle scope to go with it.


unfortunately all the light guns work by detecting crt raster scan lines :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Sure, kill my dream then. I’m sure we could engineer something, though…


Don’t our new lasers burn raster images?..just like CRT burn it?


True, but CRT’s have a slightly faster refresh rate.


Too bad no chrono trigger. And Starfox was previously released, just not in North America.

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I like the lineup. If I can find one I’ll probably pick it up, play a bit and then if it’s anything like the NES Classic Mini, I’ll sell it for triple what I paid. :wink:


So excited about this, and Starfox 2 to top it off!

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It has some Awesome Games included :video_game:
SNES had some of the Best RPGs!


If they make em, they’ll probably just work like a wiimote.
This is super cool! I wish I would have gotten the nes one.

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I showed my girlfriend, and she got really excited for a second, “Oh all my favorite games!”…
and then, "Wait, don’t we already have most of these games already on the wii and on the wiiU?

and I’m all like, “yeah, but the wii and wiiU don’t have these awesome wired controllers…”


unfortunately i think that that kind of tracking doesn’t work on the wiimotes without the ir source, which was always a pain (although you can hilariously just use two candles if you want).


Well, I snagged a SNES Classic off of the Amazon Treasure Truck last Friday. I have to be honest… these games seem to fall into a level somewhere between nostalgia and bad game.

I remember playing massive amounts of F-Zero… and now I just don’t find it any fun. Starfox was the biggest disappointment. I recall it being a great game, but I am just not feeling it. And I just flat out didn’t like the little bit of SF2 that I played. Mario Kart, Secret of Mana, Castlevania and Metroid were all draws for me when I was a kid. I might give Secret of Mana another chance but I don’t really see myself giving any of the other games much of a shot.

That said, I’ll probably give it a month or so and play through some Super Mario, Mega Man and Zelda, then toss it on eBay. Or, I put it in the attic where we are going to make a little hang-out for kids when they visit.

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