New image calibration corrected front/back displacement, but not left/right

Here is a test near the center under the camera:

Tests near the corners were offset more.

How should I proceed?

That one on the right looks pretty good.

How far off is it out at the edges? (If it’s under 1/4 inch, it’s probably improved, but it will help them to determine if there is an issue with the calibration by performing the tests at the left and right edges of the bed, where the alignment would be expected to be farther off.)

Oh, and you’ll probably want to use the Set Focus tool before performing the target test too…it helps to align the image there.

(One other thing…I believe we are supposed to report results on this on the beta thread for it here: Introducing Lid Camera Calibration)

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Thanks. It was late and the results were not like I had seen from others posted photos and I want to put my results up.
The proof grade draft board that I used was not perfectly flat, so I will try again with some other material and post the results on the lid camera calibration thread.


That might make a big difference! Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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The flatter the better. It can make a huge difference in calibration.

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For questions about Lid Camera Calibration, the feature is in Beta and support is only available at this community post.

I’m going to close this thread but if you post in the above thread the team is watching and can provide help there.