New inline fan, but wood cuts produce small flame now and more smoke than ever?

I installed a new AC Infinity 6" fan, but now I have more smoke inside the GF and small flames when cutting baltic birch plywood. Do I need to totally remove the GF exhaust fan? I feel like it is hindering the airflow, and I can still hear it spinning in there, even though I changed the settings to the Compact Air Filter in GFUI.

Does anyone else have this problem? I have cleaned everything else that I can reach at this point.

This is probably from the AC not pulling as much as the old fan was. It may also be an indicator that your air intake is clogged. Look under the right side of your GF and see if anything got sucked under there, especially things like paper can get in the way and cause major airflow problems.

This is probably not. I would suspect that this is down to the air assist fan or material variation or settings or perhaps putting your lens in upside down or focus being otherwise off… Lots of possibilities, but the overall cabinet airflow doesn’t impact flareups too much.

Need? That’s up to you, but it is definitely hindering the airflow to some degree. The spinning you hear is because the fan is pulling air past it, it’s spinning like a pinwheel or windmill. Removing the internal GF fan will definitely give you better results with the AC fan.

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Thank you for your suggestions. I will look into removing the internal exhaust fan. It was such a pain to clean a few months ago that I decided to get the inline fan instead of trying that again. I guess that I will have to do it one last time. I had small flames occasionally before the inline fan, and that is one reason that I changed, but now it is every time I cut anything. I have cleaned the lenses, the other fans, but the crumb tray build up is next. I was hoping that I could just adjust something, or that someone else was having issues with more smoke and flames. Everyone else seemed to have a smooth transition to the inline fan.

Like I said it may be your air assist fan.

Take a look at it carefully and be sure it’s not junked up too.

If you don’t know how to tell there are instructions in the forum. It may be fine but the air assist is the #1 defense against flames.


Are you sure you have the inline facing the right way? (It’s a common mistake.) It’s also still important to make sure there’s no deep bends in the hose and it helps to have the inline at the very end of the hose versus closer to the GF. (It’s better to pull the air out than push it away.) As far as taking out the GF fan, I left mine in and my inline still works great.

I cleaned the air assist fan yesterday, and it did seem kind of gunked up, so I was hopeful that was the problem, but I did not see any change in the smoke or the flames after that. I even cleaned the tiny fan on the lens assembly. That is when I posted here, hoping for some feedback. Thank you for taking the time to help me!