New keychain video

Made a new keychain tutorial video that might help newer members and thought I’d share it:

Hope it helps.


Great tutorial, but I have no idea what design app you’re using, and you don’t say, you just refer to your previous video. If no one (like me) has seen any of your other videos, we have no clue. Even going full screen, it’s hard to see. But it does let me know what offset path does. So thanks.


Looks like he’s using Adobe Illustrator.

Sorry, yes I’m using illustrator. I’m not perfect I forgot to mention that. This video is part of an ongoing series that you start from episode 1 to currently so I didn’t think about saying that.


Ah, ok. Thanks.

Gotcha. Thanks. I think other programs like Silhouette and even Inkscape have features like that, and I bet they do pretty much the same thing. So that still helps me. I’ll have to look up all your videos. :slight_smile:


No problem. I think inkscape has them, I think a few things might be named slightly different but inkscape is pretty similar to illustrator.


Great video. Thanks for the share.

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Great video. Thanks for posting!!

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Yes, silhouette will make these as well, and you can save them to PDF

ellencadwell, a little harsh don’t you think. It was very kind of him to share how to do the offset.

I’m sorry, I was not trying to be harsh in any way. I simply meant that, although I don’t have Illustrator, the programs I do have also have that feature, so his video helped me tremendously by giving me understanding to what that feature actually does. And as I said, I’m checking out his other videos as well, as he is full of good information. So sorry if I made it seem like I was downplaying anything he did. I am very thankful he’s sharing his knowledge of how to do things.


thanks for sharing

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Welcome to the group.

Thank you!!! Still dabbling but hoping to giddy up soon!