New Laser Thursday project up on Facebook



I know not everyone has a FB account so we set this up so you can see it even if you’re not logged in. It’s the top post on our page.

Nice work, @Tony! (Thanks for the great writeup, @bailey!)


Thanks! Even though I can’t login to Facebook, I can see the photos as long as it’s on a public page (can’t comment tho).


Thanks for that Dan!
After two years I reached a point where I couldn’t tolerate the spam, so I wouldn’t have seen it.
I do understand why a company cannot afford not to have a presence there.


Very cool design.Technology guy with an inner artist… Nice Job.
And community involvement in Laser Thursday great idea!


Will there be more regular activity on the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts soon?


I try not to make promises. :slight_smile: @bailey has her hands full.