New Leica


A little time with Illustrator, a little piece of wood, a $1 iPhone case from the dollar store, epoxy, magic of Glowforge, and I’ve got a new Leica!IMG_2568IMG_2570


My best friend immediately requested that I print for him a couple of cases. He wanted me to actually make, from scratch, the entire case, much like this company does:

I have used a couple of their skin type cases and they’re part of the reason I became so intrigued with lasers to begin with. I’m curious about the case you’ve made; is it very bulky? It’s a wonderful proof of concept, so I’m appreciative that I can see the results of someone else’s work.

I had planned on using veneer, and also wondered if you had considered going that route eventually. My idea is to keep the case closer to its original size by adhering veneer to the case, sanding it down to a nice form factor, then engraving from there. Again, this is only curiosity I’m speaking from, and I’m definitely not trying to downplay the amazing results you’ve come up with!


Love it, love it, love it! (Wish I’d thought of it…I use my phone more as a camera than a phone anyway!) :grinning:


Definitely going to steal this idea :+1:


Awesome. No risk of bad materials that could (probably) happen by engraving right on an inexpensive case. I might pull out my proofgrade veneer to make one for my worn out case. Then I can skip the epoxy. I also need to use up the old unfinished veneer so I can try the new finished stock from the store.

Has anyone tried the finished veneer?


I need to redo the iphone case that I did in the finished veneer, but I hadn’t ordered any until a few days ago. (And come to think of it, I need to get a different color too…i should have ordered some maple as well…shoot!)


Oh well, another Proofgrade order to get Maple. Oh, and if you’re like me, will end up spending $100 to get free shipping. :smile:


Uh-huh! :neutral_face:


Very cool! There was a commercial iPhone case slightly similar to this (it was all wood however) that I bought many years ago from Photojojo… back before I went over to the dark (Android) side. Nice work.


I just etched a “wood veneer” phone case I picked up from Amazon. Turned out their definition of veneer and my definition of paper are really similar. The veneer was truly paper thin. I etched right through it and just into the rubber behind it. The case turned out pretty cool, just not what I was initially expecting.


Oooo…I really like that!


Have a look at this for inspiration…


Love this. I agree that veneer could slim down this case, but the simplicity is admirable!


Camera nerd here. LOVEE this. :smiley: