New lid light cable confirmed longer

Well I am a little disappointed in the glow forge company Considering how in authentic and shady this feels to be; now I know there are some die hard glowforge fans out there; and I am one of them! The glowforge has allowed me to take my art skills to another level!! But the transparency of the company is a problem! So let me just tell you my story before you start defending the all Mighty glowforge team; haha.

So my lights on my lid were flickering; I knew this was going to escalate into eventually not working, no worries it’s natural due to wear and tear; so I preemptively messaged the amazing support team, told them my issue and they went through their little automated copy and paste charade of check this and that; which I did before I messaged them; told them I am still having a problem all cables are intact etc. so they informed me that I need to buy a new one; now this was a little problem as we all know how much the machine cost and if the cable naturally over time would lose its connection then That should be covered under warranty; right? (Not to mention during this time me and so many others are out of a job) So I told them my unappreciated opinion and they did what any good company does wave the fee and give the customer what they want. Awesome right?! Well that’s not what I’m upset at; I went and did some digging, figured I can’t be the only person that has had this problem with the lid cable and at last I was not. Then I found something interesting in one of the posts; some one said that newer machines had a longer lid cable or they were sending longer lid cables to people when there old one would lose its connection. I figured cool, “wonder if my machine has an old cable or a new” I would compare when it arrived.

So as you can see it’s true there is a longer lid cable to help fight the wear and tear of the machine and I’ve heard the argument about not opening the lid all the way to save the cable and I agree that is a reasonable easy to implicate fix! But my problem that I have with the companies integrity is that they tried to charge me for this new cable… something that either should of been provided for by the company as it was their trial and error mistake that made the lid cable too short and the amount of people who didn’t even inquire about poorly designed lid cables and just forked over the money for a new one? How much money did they make by not being transparent about the faulty Cable design or maybe they were transparent but they only made it available to the people that took the time to search for it? Idk and no hard feelings I got what I wanted but Who else has wrongfully paid for the cable that should be included in the warranty?

If the cable fails while the machine is still under warranty, it is replaced free of charge. If it fails after the warranty period ends, the customer is charged the replacement cost for it, (around $20 I believe). That’s how a standard warranty works. (And despite the shorter length, I’d be willing to bet that most of them didn’t fail during the warranty period. Mine’s still fine, and it’s the shorter one, and it’s over 2½ years old. That’s why they do it, they don’t want to spend money that isn’t needed by replacing perfectly fine cables.)

Did you intend to open a ticket about this that you want Glowforge to address, or do you want me to shift it for you to the Everything Else category so other people can share in your experience?


@Jules thanks for the response that makes more sense. Good to see things from other points sometimes your thoughts just get in the way. Feel free to shift this to everything else.


Whoops, someone else shifted it while I was outside this afternoon, so you’re all set! (I’m definitely getting lazy with this whole stay at home thing.) :smile:

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Support will still have to check in, as starting a thread in P&S opens a support ticket that they have to follow-up on.

Coming up on 30 months on my original cable here.


Hands up all the people who have say 2 years on the lid cable. And then hands up if you crank the lid all the way open each time or have mercy on the cable and possibly the lid hinge bonding too.

I have 2 years but not heavy use on my machine. And I never fully open the lid since learning about lid cable failures.

(I actually have gotten into the habit of lifting the lid just enough to allow the front door to release and work though it)


2 years, 8 months now…original cable. Never open the lid all the way…don’t need to.


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