New material from Rowmark Acrylic chalkboard and message boards

Just got my samples from Rowmark.

Chalkboard surface comes in white, black and green. Message board comes in white and black.
Comes in either 1/16" or 1/8" thickness.

Haven’t yet compared it to regular white cast acrylic and mat black acrylic for pricing but these look and feel pretty cool.

I threw the black chalkboard in the laser to see how it would raster…
Must be extruded since it didnt mark…(its a reflection in the pic…no color at all on the etch)

But I bet you could colorfill :slight_smile:

First attempt was the old scrape off after dry method…acrylic wouldn’t budge.
Second tried colorfill with mask. Surface is not flat so tape didn’t mask well…

Also note the “H” in chalk still left on the board in 2nd pic. I wiped it off with my hand and it doesnt totally disappear unless you wipe it with a moist towel or sponge (in which case came off easily)…so thats sort of useful…


That’s really cool. Do they send you samples for free?

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Well just this little brochure…(the top pic) pieces are only 2"x4". I get emails from them since I order stuff. There is an email signup on the website I would think…


Oh, that is way cool. You could definitely color-fill. Makes me think of the clef chalkboards in the music room in grade school.

We use Mr. Clean Eraser thing to clean our chalkboard - works wonders!

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It comes off straight away with very little water actually…I just noted that fingers wont remove it…

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oh hahah! I thought it wasn’t coming off. My bad

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This is so cool!

Some chalkboard surfaces need to be “primed” before using chalk on them… you just take a piece of chalk on its side and rub over the entire surface, then with a soft cloth wipe it in… it won’t be as dark in color but it has a nice real chalkboard surface, and it seems to help with this erase problem.