New material, new project!

So a little while back I made a post about finding all kinds of nice materials to laser while at Ikea, I’ll link it below:

Well, I finally got around to using the cork placemats that I purchased. They are awesome! One of my aunts is having a family reunion soon and they always take something to either use as door prizes or as an auction item (can’t remember what she said…) but asked if I could make something. Many of you that have been watching my posts for a while now know that I can’t say no to family. We decided on a set of four coasters. I came up with a pretty simple little logo for them and decided to try the cork sheets, because, why not? First try and they came out great! I actually still had the small piece of walnut hardwood that came with the forge, so I cut them out as well, same size, and plan on gluing them to the bottoms of the cork, just to give a little more height and a more finished look. Let me know what you all think!

Will contact cement work to bond the two different materials together? Thanks!


Contact cement is vicious, like rubber cement on crazy steroids. It will bond cork to wood easily.

Those placemats sand nicely, you could easily sand the black edges off for a more finished look once you glue it up.




I’m curious why you’d use walnut rather than more cork to raise the height. I mean, people put cork on the BACK of wood to keep it from scratching the surfaces. It’s sort of funny to do it the other way around.


I honestly just wanted to see what it would look like lol. The PG walnut is already super smooth, so I don’t really think there would be an issue with it scratching anything

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I don’t think smooth matters… it’s just two hard surfaces rubbing against each other. But, honestly, it’s probably not a big deal compared to all the other things you’d put on a table.

Maybe you should make the coasters reversible!


Reversible…now there’s an idea lol


craft foam makes a great backing for coasters

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I have the polyester felts squares form Target with lots of different colors. It works great as a coaster backing. I have a bunch of cork left over from the wedding coasters and now I’ll engrave them for a cork coaster with felt backing.


That thread is classic. it should be pinned. :smiley:

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What setting did you find you liked for the cork board?

Hey @jekiper sorry for the delay, I just saw the question! I believe I used:
Engrave settings: Speed 1000, Power 7 or 8 and LPI at 225 to engrave and
Cut Settings: Speed 270, Full Power
Also just did auto focus to get the height