New Obsession!


So Ive found my new obsession! EARRINGS! Haha I can’t stop making them! Most of them are either proofgrade maple ply or leather!



Gorgeous collection of designs! They’re so unique! :grinning:


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’d say you’re a little obsessed, but it’s all good. These are amazing designs—looks like a booth setup for an art fair!


Beautiful! Looks like your creativity is flowing!


Makes me want to become a Pirate so I can wear an earring! :slight_smile:


Very beautiful work!


It always takes me a couple of seconds of wait I know these designs but who is this Mike?


Love the backer cards, where’d you get that card stock? Cut on the GF?


Mike is my dad hahah. He bought the GF and I use it. :slight_smile:


I got it at Michaels! And no I cut them on my Cricut only because the GF was running a long job! :slight_smile:


Very nice. Love the backer cards. Needs a logo or company name engraved on it.


Those are totally awesome. How are these not something in a shop being sold. They look so professional with the card mount and display.


Wow! What a collection you have already!
Where do you get the hardware for them? I think my wife would like some, and my glowforge is being made right now.


I got all the hardware at Michaels! :slight_smile:


Cool…thanks! I’ll check there.


You’ve created some wonderful pieces.

If you’re not selling them somewhere already perhaps you should think about it :slight_smile:


Hmm… hadn’t thought of them, I’ll have to see if I have time this weekend to swing by there. Thanks.


I have been going a bit nuts in the earring department as well. What looks good in maple and cherry wood can also look good in the many colors of plastic.

A word of warning about Inventables gold sparkles is that the laser does not want to cut the sparkles. I got one earring out of 16 tried and it looks amazing but cutting all the way through is very iffy.


Also check out Hobby Lobby - they have more hardware for jewelry than Michaels (and the 40% coupon as well). Often different manufacturers are 50% off for jewelry hardware.