New setup in progress

Working on a new laser setup. I piece together this old computer setup for about $30 from garage sales and bargain stores I got all the parts for around $1 each. The most expensive thing was the wireless keyboard and mouse from Walmart lol. The pc I got free as it was an old family computer from long ago. It’s slow but all it needs to do is upload files to the lasers I’m gonna put out here after I send files over to it from my main computer. I just set my Keyboard on top of the pc and the mouse in the cradle in front of it when not in use as seen in the photo.



Sweet! If you painted the boards, it would look a little more finished. Just saying. :grin: I like the idea of having your files on their own computer. I’ve thought about putting mine on an external drive for a while now, just haven’t done it. Not only would I have a backup, but it would save a lot of room on my laptop drive.


I keep my files on an online drive, but when I move my laser to the basement I’m going to want a computer down there with them so a similar setup is my goal!

Nicely done :smiley:


This is my shed wall so probably won’t paint in cuz I would have to paint the rest lol. It would look nice. For the files I use a Network Attached Storage system that allows me to “send”/get the files on any computer I use so that is how I will be getting them over there. That way they are always backed up at any time.


I am using a synology NAS system which is so nice. I don’t know how I would ever go back to not having it.


I keep on thinking about setting up a NAS, but it always falls down the list. Getting my data off other people’s computers would definitely make me happier!


You should get it. The best investment ever


I am currently grumbling about my Synology NAS. I’ve had it set up to take care of Time Machine backups for our two Macs, and the darn thing just stops connecting randomly. (I have had it working in the past, just not now.) I don’t find it out until my husband mentions, oh by the way, I’m getting a message there have been no backups for 10 days. Grrrrr.

Normally I can get it working again, even if sometimes I have to delete the backups and start from zero again. But today I’ve just spent 3 hours in unsuccessful attempts to get it working. All the suggestions from Professor Google have been tried, to no avail. My only recourse right now is to dig up an old hard drive and set up a dedicated backup just for his machine.


I don’t do any of that. I just do a sync across all devices between all the users on the synology and then use hyper backup to backup the synology once a week just incase something goes wrong. I also have the synology in the raid mode that allows recovery of data if one drive fails too. Don’t see the need for a back up though Time Machine with these in place.