New Sketchbooks I've made

On a side note, I kinda hate the green stain, its waterbased, so if you know of any good oil based stains that aren’t super expensive I’d love to know.


Great job!!


These look incredible!!!

Visit The Home Depot or Lowes. Both stores will have lots of stains. Lowes sells Minwax. You can get little cans. The Home Depot sells Verathane. You can even mix your own stain with a base.

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This is a thing of serious beauty!

This! Don’t look for book stains or art stains, look for furniture stains and the price point drops precipitously :slight_smile:


Those look terrific! I like the green. Different!

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These are really nice.

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Gorgeous work!

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I really like that green stain myself. Nice work!

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These are great!

Last one looks like you are getting ready to write a new Voynich Manuscript. :slight_smile:


WOW! I totally get not liking a stain, but I dare say you’re going to be in the minority. It looks fantastic on these books. Really, really.

I aspire to make some notebooks.


Where do you get your notebooks?

I actually like the green. I think it works well with the organic designs. Do you do your own binding?

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I love the green! Great job!

This book is beautiful. The designs are so interesting and I like the green color which seems to go with the pictures since they seem to be all plants. Great job!

Would you share you dimensions for this? I would really like to make a notebook for work and I just cant figure out the dimensions of the book and the darn holes! TIA :slight_smile:

A bunch of folks already have in case any of these match the one you’re using


I have not had any success having the Minwax color blended.

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Those look great!

Paint stores also sell stain and they will blend you a color.

If you live in a climate that does not freeze then I highly recommend Sikkens Proluxe Exterior stains. This exterior stain is breathtakingly gorgeous!!