New speed settings

Seeing as many people have access to the new settings, I had performed this exercise a couple of weeks ago to determine “break even” point for design size vs. engrave speed…

At 4000 speed, it appears the printable width is 7,165"(just over 7 1/8"), or 182mm

At 3000 speed: 11.57" / 294mm, @2000: 15.28" / 388mm, @1000: 18.1" / 459.5mm

I ran a test “print” for the speeds as above, power ‘1’ which means you won’t see anything on the material:

The aprox. time per pass is 0.9, 1.06, 1.72, 3.5; divided by distance gives us 202, 277, 226, 131 mm/s respectively, so for a “full width” (without extending into margins) engrave, somewhere in the 2000 range appears to be optimal, but that assumes you have the power to use that speed. Most of my engraves are wood at full power already.


This is great info, thank you for sharing your testing.

It depends on LPI. 1355 LPI at 2000 speed and full power could be pretty deep in basswood and even 4000 speed will leave a serious mark :grin:

For this update, are the manual settings still be equivalent? If I run an engrave now at speed 1000/full, would it look the same as a few months ago?

It will be pretty close

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