New spooky wood pins

I’m really trying to get past basic status because I’d love to be a designer, so I’m trying to post more of the things I’ve created on here, maybe even make more free designs? Idk how to get better status but anyways… I made these with paint markers and pinbacks.




Those are very cute! I don’t think that status has anything to do with whether or not designs are accepted though. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have applied to be a designer, your original designs have been submitted and accepted, and you signed the agreement, they will start including your designs in the catalog as soon as the designs have been prepared for it. There’s a lot of work associated with preparing a design for the catalog. Those who provide the necessary instructions and pictures probably tend to get their designs loaded up faster. And there are a whole lot of people submitting, so there is probably a backlog to boot.

But do keep submitting.


I haven’t tried yet, I just now learned of the process on how to do it, and on the FAQ it says to be more than a “basic” member. I make a lot of products and do product photography so I think I have a chance but thanks for the support.


They are currently looking for people with a large social media following and dozens of designs ready to go. If you’ve got tons of designs ready, you’re halfway there.

I don’t know about basic status, but you need to be a premium subscriber.

Anyways, you’re pins and the rest of your designs are always super cute.


So cute!


Pretty sure is what they mean by more than “basic” - everyone gets that badge when they first join, others (like you) do more :slight_smile:


The colors look great. Fun designs too.


These are beautiful! I love them!


Very cute! Do you have a type of pin back you would recommend? I have made lots of earrings, but haven’t tried pins yet. Best of luck on getting in the catalog >> these are darling.


I love your pastel color selection for Halloween, and teh cat is purr-ticularly adorable :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


Those pins are adorable!!!

Come join us and be a catalog designer.

  1. Start designing. Do not post your designs here. I would have 12 designs ready to submit.
  2. When you apply— the catalog team will want you to submit some photos of your designs.
  3. Leanne is the head of the catalog. She is beyond beyond beyond INCREDIBLE!!

Some of us designers have a private group and we talk about everything. We bounce ideas off of each other. The best part we support each other. When you get in — one of us will send you an invite.

If you have any questions you can PM me.

@CMadok was my mentor and everyday I am so thankful she took her precious time to help me. I will forever be grateful for all of her guidance.

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NO MORE FREE DESIGNS!! Those need to go in the catalog.

She can still share.

@HollyBrown, you can share a file here and still submit to the catalog, you just can’t submit it exclusively. But you’ll gain an extra appreciative audience if you share here. Not everyone who shops the catalog are forum users, and vice versa.

Since you can’t submit anything that has a copyright or trademark tied to it (like your HP-themed pins), sharing here - whether giving something free or sharing a complete project on made on glowforge- is a good way to stay active with another part of the community and build a following.


Do not give away your designs because a future designer could take your idea and run with.

You are wildly creative and talented. You have an great eye for color and whimsy.

We have no idea who is purchasing our designs or downloading them. I think they are 2 types of buyers.

  1. Someone who really likes the design and just wants to make it for themselves or make a gift for somebody.

  2. Buyers who make the designs and sell them.

When you become a catalog designer there will be a breakdown of every single project you have in the catalog and it will show how much money you have made.

Personally I think the people who download my designs are just doing it for themselves and not selling them. If they were selling them I would have higher numbers.

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Love your color choices … and especially the kitty!

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I love these! are you going to be selling the file for these!?

These are beautiful! I would love to buy the file for these.

If the designer ends up being able to submit these to the Glowforge catalog, you will be able to buy them there.


Wonderful pins! Love how they turned out.