New startup procedure?

I turned on my machine this morning and the calibration that happens upon startup seemed very different. the head of the machine moved all over the place, in little steps like a stair case, back and forth, different beeping noises, lights flashing white and orange. Finally it moved back to the normal home spot and I did some cuts without issues - except for this one glitch:

When I loaded up my artwork, it was placed way off of the normal print area, so much so that it was off the screen at normal zoom. I had to zoom out and then pan down to find the artwork. Nothing different that I can tell about the way I created and imported the file. Didn’t have time to try another print to see if the same issue happens.

Anyone have any info on the startup procedure and the artwork placement? I did also notice a few differences in the GFUI - a settings button and a “three dots” button to click on.

In other news, I’m wondering if there is any improvement on the camera alignment. I still notice that when I do a cut and then the bed image is refreshed with the cuts having been made, there is still something like a 1/4" (or more at the edges) of error in terms of the artwork in the GFUI and the image of the prior job sitting in the machine. Is this still the expected tolerance? Are other people seeing the same thing? It makes it difficult to place artwork on a piece of material when it needs to cut close to the edge. A job I did last week looked like there was plenty of room, only to find out that the cut was right at the very hairy edge of the workpiece.

Might be a good idea to give the lid camera a fast wipe.
Almost sounds like it did not see the head during the startup phase.

I didn’t notice anything new yesterday in the start-up.

As regards your artwork placement have you loaded the file before or is it a new file? The glowforge does initial placement based on its position in your file’s artboard (I don’t know if this term is technically correct). If the unit measure in the artboard was changed, or is just really big, this could be the issue. Otherwise, weird.

After a job, the artwork shown in the GFUI is off for me, but not before I run a job. Yesterday I used a lot of scrap and proofgrade sheets that were more cutout than material. I had some very tight placements and my alignment was perfect. I think my unit has been better than most, but after a cut what is shown on the screen is a bit off.