New (to me) waterjet cutter, the Protomax

Only 20K! Buy three!

I didn’t dig too deeply, but if it’s anything like the Wazer, the consumable costs will be rough too.


I researched the Wazer quite extensively because my school’s makerspace was looking for something that could do more than just what the GF’s can do. At first glance, I thought wow, this is really reasonable and definitely something we should consider adding to the space. Then I saw the cost for consumables and that took it right off the table.


I wanted one when I saw it at NY Makerfaire and figured it was a lock to buy because my wife thought it was neat too (that’s all it takes for me to justify an acquisition like this :yum:). Then I saw the operational costs and even I had to make a no way decision. :grin: I’m amazed at how much it costs to run these things. Unencumbered by facts, it just seems like it shouldn’t be that expensive. Sometimes I have to be a grown up.

I hate when that happens.


:smiley: This is exactly how it goes in my household as well. If I find something and my wife thinks it looks cool too then it’s pretty much a done deal (within some reason of course). This does mean that many of my woodworking tools are harder sells cause they just don’t have the cool factor. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you order the garnet material yourself, not from wazer, you can get it for less than half the price. Still not what I would call cheap but if you are interested in waterjet like I am then it puts it back into the purchase category.

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It’s going to have to wait for after the CNC plasma cutter. Then I can look at the Wazer with a clear conscience. :slightly_smiling_face:

Why does it use garnet and not silicon carbide, that is easy to manufacture from carbon and sand?

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I could not answer that question, it is listed on the website as the material it uses

Well, I guess if you have personal lubricants, you also should have personal abrasives.:relaxed: