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I bought a GLowforge with the hopes of making an at home business, but I seem to be stuck on what to create that would sell. I have already created a website but do not have anything to upload to sell.
Does anyone have any pointers that could help me start.

Just look up other stores on Etsy or Google to see what people are buying, and make your own versions.

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Thank you.

I will go check out Etsy.

I started by making things I’d want in my home that didn’t already exist in a store.

I refined and polished those designs, and offered them for sale. Others wanted them too.

I then thought about what other communities I’m a part of and what I could make that those people might want. I drive an electric car and make accessories for EV owners. Others wanted them too.


Thank you for responding.

can you share an example.

The two plastic hang tags are laser cut and engraved, as is the battery icon keychain.

This license plate frame is also made from laser cut acrylic. Blue acrylic glued on top of white acrylic.



I haven’t watched any of these, but I’ve found lots of people have put out various videos about how to make money with their GF:

Plus folks have talked about it on these forums before:

We got our GF for the fun of crafting things, but I’m definitely constantly thinking about each project and whether it would be a good seller :wink: but you’re ahead of me in setting up a website.


Please make sure that as part of your business plan you have a fallback for when the electro-mechanical unit you are basing your business on breaks down. Note that I said when, not if. The Glowforge is a great machine and like all machines it will wear and it will break down and you will not usually know when it will happen. Have a plan in place for when that happens. Plan on a minimum of one month downtime for anything that needs parts. Plan on two months or more for major repairs. Hopefully you will never need it, but if you do, now you know exactly how you will handle it.
The Glowforge has hobby level support, so it takes time. You will need to plan for this delay.


Where are you selling these kits? (Hopefully my EV shows up before pandemic ends)


Your beautiful smile made me smile.

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