New toy is here!

No, unfortunately not a Glowforge. But this little guy turned out to be pretty much plug-n-play as well!



Looking forward to your experience with it! :sunglasses:

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I have the older dual head Monoprice printer. Works great but the best mod I did was adding a glass plate to the heated bed. It takes longer to come up to temperature but works so much better than blue tape. Just hit it with a little Aqua Net and the prints stick like magic.

This one came with BuildTak preinstalled but people have been reporting that it wears out pretty quick. I actually already have the glass plate, just waiting for the head to crash and make me want to replace the BuildTak.

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Is that the one that was supposed to be $149.99? I hadn’t seen that they were for sale on the site yet and I’ve been checking!


Awesome! I got mine too. Using the demo file worked like a charm.

When I tried to slice my own file. I had a head crash. Working on getting octoprint setup tonight.


Yeah I haven’t sliced my own yet… printing a second cat now (because twins.)

Any particular reason to go Octoprint rather than using the built-in wifi? I imagine it’s more full-featured…


Yes, the Indigogo price was $150. They’re just shipping out the last of the crowdfunding rewards now so I imagine they’ll show up on the site soon.

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Mostly because of this…


The MP built-in webpage is lacking. You can upload a gcode file. With octoprint you can upload stl files and it will slice them into gcode files for you.


I have tried Octoprint already and even though it works I do find it a bit lacking. So I’ve been doing some research and once I get a chance I’m thinking I might try Astroprint kind of the same concept but it appears it was rated higher in capability when I was looking in to it if your interested here is the link Happy printing oh and by the way I purchased the Creality CR-10 and supported the new Kodama Obsidian kickstarer that should be released in December.


Can you please tell me more about this printer? What is the build size? The name? I looked for lllp but couldn’t find out anything. Any info would be appreciated.

It’s the Monoprice Mini Delta:

Build volume is 110mm diameter x 120mm high.

For my second print I grabbed Benchy and sliced with Cura. The supports were not really needed and I think I could have gone a bit slower on the speed, but I’m pretty happy with it for a first effort.


I’ve never seen a Benchy done with supports…


That seems to be the whole point of the design to show how bridges work.

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Yeah, I forgot I had that checked in Cura when I saved the gcode. They weren’t even touching the boat so they were just a waste of time.