New Type of Glowforge Aura Guide

Aura Top Guide

Hi all,

I made this guide for my Glowforge Aura. I have used the L shaped guide for a while, but often times I need things exactly level (which the L guide doesn’t always do) or I need smaller objects level and more centered.

This is designed to fit around the vent at the top of the glowforge. I put is some 1/2 inch to inch increments and put a center mark in the middle.

So far this has been super helpful for smaller pieces of wood or pre-cut objects that I need to work on.

I printed on 1/8 inch basswood. Works great for me. Hopefully it helps others.




This is a really interesting concept, do you have a picture of it in use?


Thanks for sharing


welcome and very nice of you to share!


Thank you for your contribution.


Awesome, thank you!


Hi Matt, welcome to the community! What a great way to introduce yourself, by sharing a handy tool! Please be sure to show us what you make, as that’s the great thing about the forum - seeing what others do.


Nice contribution! Thank you!


Welcome, and thanks for the share!


A couple people commented/messaged asking how this is useful and/or how I use this for projects.

I tried to take pictures to help make sense of the method behind the madness.

I wanted to make a process that would allow me to print on leather patches that was repeatable and would allow me to center text and images as best as possible (we all know the preview in Glowforge doesn’t always come out the same).

So I made the vent guide so I would be able to have smaller things more center of the workspace.

I also made wooden guides that my leather patches fit into. the guides have lines that allow me to match up the centering line with the vent guide.

On the glowforge program, I have saved all of the guides I made. This allows me to overlay the guides with the image of the patch/wooden guide so I can center text/images better.

I included a final product of a random patch I made for someone. While I don’t think 100% centering is every going to be possible, this method allows me to do repetitive prints with similar outcomes.

Hopefully this makes more sense. If not, I guess it just works for me.

Edit: I also completely used the wrong settings for this patch, so it completely cut through the back of it. That is why it looks a little off. You’d think I could remember to input the settings I worked so hard to figure out…


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