New User-- Dog memorial and cutting board

**New User Here! ** Hubs surprised me with my Glowforge this past Christmas. We waited FOREVER to get it hooked up and vented. Now that it’s set up, I want to make “ALL THE THINGS!” :slightly_smiling_face: Having so much fun! I’ve done a few things already with acrylic but these two projects are the first I’ve done on wood.

The image on the dog memorial is slightly off center, but I’m pretty darn excited.

So much to learn…I know I already have lots of questions and will definitely be reaching out for advice and input.


Welcome to the forum.

So glad you are finally up and running on your Glowforge. Make all the things…and share them here. When you have questions, you will find experienced answers here.


The dog memorial is beautiful. Pepper was so young.

I give this to new members. There is lots of great information. Visit Danielle’s website.


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Thank you!

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My parents’ last dog was named “peppa” - I didn’t have a vote.

She passed while my dad was at the end of his days, my mom now has a dog named Poppy. I just rescued a new one myself, they had her named as Bella but I named her Dixie - just Dix. She is nuts.

Dogs make life better.


I will be giving you a quiz next week.

The Glowforge can be very overwhelming. The best advice I can give— get yourself a big notebook with folders and highlighters and come here and read,read, read!! Print off posts and file them away.

Also keep time on every project you do. It will help you remember to clean your GF. Every 3 hours I take a Zeiss wipe to the lenses and camera. I also wipe down on the rails.

Every 20 hours, I clean the back exhaust fan with 3M Novec Spray. This step will also depend on the materials you use, MDF and draft board are the worst.

If you get stuck someone from the community will help. I have been here 3 years and I am still learning.

Agreed. Dogs definitely make life better. Can’t imagine life without our 2 fur babies. :slight_smile:


I’ve been wondering when and how to clean my GF…thank you. I appreciate all the tips!

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Just getting started and I could use some help doing the top of a wooden TV tray. How did you do the cutting board? :thinking:

Insert in machine, choose settings, hit print?

Have you worked thru the tutorials you were directed to after setting up the machine?

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Welcome to the forum.

What are the dimensions of the wooden TV tray?

Hi. I found someone else’s suggestions and followed what they shared. Here’s what I did…

  1. Remove crumb tray from Glowforge. (The board I purchased from Amazon was too tall with crumb tray)
  2. The other person suggested using a couple draftboards as the base…we used some wooden blocks that my husband had in his work area.
  3. Apply masking tape.
  4. Place board on Glowforge
  5. Upload artwork
  6. I didn’t do this step but the other person suggested setting focus over printing area…I just eyeballed it and as you can see I ended up a little off center.

Settings (again, suggested by other Glowforge user.):
1000 Speed
70 Power
340 lines per inch

I had to find the original post so I could find who posted instructions…Thank you @carissawiley for your information!


They sure do. I miss mine.

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I had to put my last one down just before Christmas. It took me many months to get up the courage to get another, but when I saw this one on the county shelter web site, I knew she was the one. You never see Boxers at the shelter. Owners turned her in. She has a lot of issues, I don’t know what kind of life she had before me but I knew what I was getting into - she is my third Boxer. She is an absolute sweetheart but my arms look like I’ve been tortured by some barbaric tribe. I have to wear a long-sleeve shirt out in public.

Edit - that’s 60lbs of boxer curled up on a throw-cushion. When I lay down, she plops her head (and I mean plops, not gently lays) on mine. Will sleep all night like that.


You will find a treasure trove of information. Looks like @JimmyWayneWestie has steered you in the right direction

YouTube has hundreds of videos dedicated to the Glowforge.

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What a great start! This looks really nice.

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She looks like a total sweet heart. Does she scratch with teeth or claws?

Both. We’re making progress.