NEW video: Hello Glowforge Episode 1


Great list. I’ve been wanting to do more YouTube videos and these give me ideas. Not quite the quality of Glowforge, but they are well-intentioned. I have one that has a lot of detail about doing the scan and trace and cut and engrave I’ll post later today.


Something that explains well the difference between raster and vector, engrave, score, cut.


A simple tutorial of your kids making a rubber band powered airplane.


well fine just to try and top the people requesting pro demos, I want to see a 2 pro demo. 1st pro cutting a yard and meter simultaneously passing out the slot into the second pro engraving the unit marks and text on the freshly cut measurement devices!

Top that!


I want to see the sequel with the kids sneaking into “Dad’s office” at night and printing out some counterfit tokens…:innocent:


I’d like to see the GF cutting paper and card properly. I understood that you could do so without burning the edges, but every example i’ve seen so far has burns, so would be useless for the card and paper projects that i wanted to do.


I love these! Keep them coming!


It’s probably already been mentioned but a video on the process for making a true 3D engrave (like the result you sowed on a video Q&A a while back) would be great. I think that @takitus has already written about the process but it would be great to see it on a video.


I’ll second customizing a catalog item. Seems like the next logical step for someone starting out.


I don’t think we have a hard list!


The viola idea may already be in progress, but it won’t be in “Hello, Glowforge” format.