NEW video: Hello Glowforge Episode 1

Got ideas for the next episode? I want to hear em below!


Obviously a self serving request from a Pro customer… Have Dan print a Glowforge Founder’s Yardstick.


An episode where @dan’s kids make something.


I 2nd @rpegg, would love to see pro using pass-through.


Oh heck yeah!

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Great video, super fun.
Which features can be in the video and which ones can’t? Might reduce the amount of requests you can’t fulfill yet.

Some Pro action would be nice. Especially detailing the abilities to cut in straight lines like rpegg mentioned earlier. [quote=“rpegg, post:2, topic:6909”]
Have Dan print a Glowforge Founder’s Yardstick.

Also a Proforge pass-through project that lines up designs as well. (Again yardstick example would work.) :slight_smile:


I’d love to see some inlay work! I’ve seen several from the awesome prerelease folks but I’d love to see the process. I also enjoyed seeing more of the UI :slight_smile:

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A yard stick with inlay!


Which is then flipped over and turned into a Meter Stick with appropriate markings.


Cool. Does it get longer when you flip it too?


That sounds like a personal question :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

He’d have to make the yardstick a bit long and either center the markings on the stick or make it a yard + stick. Then do the meter side end-to-end. Be funny to see if someone would remember that before they did it the first time :smile:


When it engraved the token - did it engrave the circle (outer edge) again - as well as the lip of the recycle bin opening? Or were those only lasered by the cut command?

I thought that video was great! Very authentic. So… for the next vid my request would be another scenario that seems authentic. I would, personally, avoid the “I needed a thoughtless gift in under 20 minutes so I whipped something up” storyline.

Maybe the couple posts from over here could be merged with this thread?

Cool. I’d be cutting chore tokens too, if I hade one!
Nah, but seriously, I’m thinking Team GF could team up with Ben Heck too produce the ultimate regrettable acting video.

Wait, that’s not serious at all. Guess I’ll grab a beer and continue the wait.


Great video guys! Script/acting/music/editing/videography… all good in my opinion. :slight_smile:

edit: oh, and the audio is nice and clear and the lighting seemed fine to me. Also, I have that same monitor. :wink:


Merged, thanks!


Dramatize/Recreate the violin bridge repair story from a previous update!

I assume you are aiming for short videos, but I would love to see you guys walk into a wood shop (maybe a shop class at a local junior high?) and plunk the machine down, give a super minimal description of it to the people around, and let them go wild.

Maybe do that and compile a highlight reel?

Maybe making a leather embossing stamp/tool?


YES! These are the kinds of videos that I (as a complete Laser Noob) are looking to see. If I may put in my “requests” for future tutorial type videos, here is what I’d like to see.

All of these would be using only free design software (NOT AI, Corel, or other paid designer software)

  1. How to design a simple tea light (from start to finish) using only straight edges and 90 degrees
  2. How to design a simple tea light (from start to finish) incorporating curves and user made artwork
  3. How to etch/engrave/cut a hand drawn piece of artwork (probably something your kids drew for you)
  4. How to set up a project that uses multiple mediums (maple/walnut, wood/acrylic, leather/delrin) at the same time
  5. How to set up your test strips to determine cutting and engraving speeds for new (non-proofgrade) materials
  6. Show how to cut a hole in one piece, cut a circle from another piece and have it fit tightly together
  7. Inlay work (re-doing the compass rose from @marmak3261 would be ideal)
  8. Show kerf adjustment tips and tricks
  9. Living Hinge tutorial
  10. Make a thing using multiple techniques (i.e. dice tower with a living hinge, multiple mediums, with hand drawn artwork engraved, and cut out windows?)

I can probably come up with more requests that I’d love to see. I’ve read about them multiple times in the forums, I can read about it a bunch online, but seeing a video on it (or several) would be worth so
much more.

(I posted this in another thread with the original video, but the response works just as well here)


I’d like to see you personalize a catalog item. Add a name, or some cool text or a logo.

Or even better, print a pretty pattern across the whole thing from a jpeg that you import.
(Plaid would be cool too.)