New Wooden Boomboxes

Hey Guys, just wanted to show off some new boomboxes I released on my site. All laser engraved and built by me in my small little shop.

You can see more images of the boxes over at my site. Feedback welcome!


They look great.


All very nice, but, the motorcycle in particular, has a playful attitude.

I like the one with the glasses. The artwork is very reminiscent of Adventure Time. :smile:

Well… I’m in love. Sooooooo beautiful!

Love these!

Some much cooler looking than my Bose bluetooth speaker box.


Cool! Love the fun designs and the dark contrasting cuts to the surface, coupled with the warm browns. Can I ask, what size of speakers are those (for scale)? Where’d you get them from?

Edit: nevermind… answered my own question…

What about the guts?

The sound is pumped through a 15W amplifier via Bluetooth or 3.5mm audio input then projected through two 3" full range speakers.


Nice work as always, man.

These are great. “Super flavor?” Dang right! Really cool stuff @jrmize .


I especially like the motorcycle and eyeglasses ones.

Very Nice designs :tada:

Love your designs!

I pinned one of your boomboxes (the original) to my laser-inspiration pinterest page ages ago. Really cool to see that you are here on the forum!


Thanks for all the love guys! I plan to use the Glowforge to help prototype products much faster than Ive been able to do in the past.


So could you break down your workflow? What tools are you using? Do you pen / ink them and scan? Illustrator? wha?

Very Nice!
Really like the bike.

Now when I have to woo the wife outside our window, I know where to get the music device!

Nice work. I’ve been playing around designing a Bluetooth horn speaker with cell phone stand… Now if I had an ounce of artistic talent I can see how much better they’d look…:+1: