New workspace - data usage?

Hello there!

I just moved back to my home town and will finally have a whole work space.

The catch: I’ve to use mobile data to use the glowforge.

Is it possible to see my glowforge data usage from the last months so I can calculate my future data usage and which mobile contract I’ll need?

If not:
Do you have any insight what the glowforge up-/download is per job/week/month?
(I used “search” but couldn’t find anything helping)


There is not.

Most “MiFi” devices allow you to track usage by connected device, but if you’re using your phone, it’s unlikely able to provide that information.

The bandwidth “per job” is massively dependent on the complexity of the file. Engraves are much larger than simple cuts.

For raster, sure.

I wonder how much the control file size increases for a vector engrave? Hmm.

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OK, so I was curious. For my machine:

  • Powering on, calibration, bed image scan consumes 700kB/1.1MB (down/up).
  • Printing a simple design, a 1.7" circle cut with SD graphic letter engrave (like a keychain) consumed 1.05MB/1.3MB. Print was 3.5 minutes.
  • Printing a 10x6 photo (draft photo engrave) consumed 5.4MB/2.9MB. Print was 38 minutes.

Both prints include the pre/post-print bed scans.

The webcam I have to watch my machine uploaded 365MB during these tests… lol…


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