New Year's Resolution

Instead of making some pointless resolution that I will never keep. I have decided to make a realistic resolution this year. I plan to design and print my own design this year, and perhaps submit it either to GF or to the Free Laser Files, depending on how good/how much work it is. I am not a designer, or an artist, but I will give it my best.

What is your GF resolution for the upcoming year?


Same as any of my other year’s resolutions: I will make no resolution to do or change anything based solely on what time of year it is or cause other people are doing it(I never do that part anyway), only on when i recognize it’s needed.

Never broken it once.


It’s nice to push yourself to do something new. And everyone on here is so helpful when you get stuck. Can’t wait to see what you do - be sure to show us!


I don’t so much resolve either, but this year is definitely a start towards a more solid focus on living, rather than surviving :slight_smile:


I’m not a resolution person either but I do try to challenge myself to learn something new every year! I’ve tried a variety of things over the years!




I don’t know… My current resolution is 3456 x 2234. I don’t really think a new one will make much of a difference. Especially since my eyes aren’t as sharp as they used to be…


We were looking at 8K TVs the other day. Can’t say any of the TVs won me over, my eye sight cant tell the difference between on old tube TV and IMAX 3D. It’s all the same.

As far as New Year’s Resolutions, every year a make a big list of goals. I’m a goal-driven person, so having them spelled out in front of me in a nice list is super motivating. Feels especiallyrewarding when I get to cross something off, and the things I can’t cross off, I reevaluate my approach to make improvements for the next year.

This coming year on my list, there were a couple of Glowforge goals that need to be taken care of when I find a moment to breathe in January:

Make drawer dividers for the kitchen so the chopsticks stop rolling around everywhere. The drawers are very narrow and long. The dividers I got at the store before GF were never long enough to fit chopsticks, and I’m finally fed up. I should’ve done thins ages ago.

The second is to use up all my (current) scraps. I’ve made a few different designs that I’ll be going through with my scrap pile and making multiples of those so that I can finally get rid of the scraps without a guilty conscience.


Two great ideas. I might look into those myself.


I am working on doing this right now! I have the spices done, and am now working on the “catch-all” portion of the drawer. I had it in a nice bamboo organizer, but because of the way I did the spices, the bamboo organizer won’t fit now. I’ll post pics when I’m done, hopefully today.


I’m trying to organize my desk right now…it’s impossible, so next resolution is to assemble all these samples and somehow pawn them off on other people.

I cut the organizer from the catalog, the big tower one with slanted cubbies for pens. I used 1/8" Baltic birch I have from my pre-covid stash. I don’t think this would work with proofgrade walnut unless it was the light walnut, but it worked exactly on point with the birch. everything pressure fit and needed a mallet to assemble. That was step one in organizing the desk-get the pens to where I could see them…I like it, almost everything fits in there.but desk is still drowning in samples and paperwork and weird things that have no place to be…like rolls of packing tape.


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