New Years Update (Jan '17)


Thank you @dan much appreciated with all the other work you are doing…Happy Happy 2017 !


I agree, the company I worked for went to CES last year and it shut production down for about 2 1/2 weeks trying to make sure everything was just right.


Great update! Keep them coming!


Maybe they are afraid of us.
With all the pent up demand for information anyone who admits to having a machine is facing the mob. Sometimes that can be intimidating even when the mob is friendly!


Totally agree with that. A few that believe forum members are not demanding haven’t looked in the mirror lately.


I feel like the update is nondescript but i dont even care because dan took the time and effort to write us a letter. I dont even need the nitty gritty, i just wanted to know im important! (what kinda weird relationship is this…)


Thanks for the update @dan!


Indeed thanks for the update.


Thanks, Dan, for the update. It’s actually good to hear you skipped CES this year. It’s not like you need to sell more units. Go :glowforge: - Rich


Thanks Dan for the update!


Well if they are forum members then maybe they could message @Jules and then she could give us a confidential count of how many forum members have one.

I volunteer her because I think she could keep a secret and it seems wrong to nominate myself. :wink:


@dan What is the app that you used to create the tool spinner? Was that Illustrator?

I’m trying to figure out a good tool to learn for the design process that is precise (i.e. CAD precision)…vs simply drawing. I do not currently use Illustrator, but was under the impression you couldn’t do precision drawings…I’m assuming this was designed with some precision…

Thank you!!


Current count is 62. :relieved:

(And I’m totally lying, so no one take that seriously! ROFL!)


Great update! Thanks so much! :slight_smile:


That looks like the latest Illustrator Sal. You can get accurate measurements with it. Another good one is Fusion360 if you want to go 3D, and it’s free for hobbyist use. :relaxed:


Maybe 22 is the number.


Thank you Dan!


That is pretty close to what I got as well! 20 here.
I was by myself, so unboxing was done solo.
I had time to clean the lenses/mirrors during that time, and had not read the instructions in detail prior to unboxing. If the unit is new I bet you can get it done in closer to 15 mins or less.


I read that as “and not read” as in present tense, not past tense “have read” - more along the lines of “we don’t need no stinking manuals” :slight_smile:

Then I read it again. Not sure I’d have the cojones to not read the manual myself though.


I think it depends on how many decimal places you consider enough to be “Accurate”.

I made a rectangle with known dimensions in AI, and sent it to my plotter.

I cut it out of some scrap vinyl, weeded it, and tried to measure with the calipers. Measuring vinyl with steel is a little silly, as the vinyl is very easy to deform.

The bit that was removed

The .0005 difference is pretty easy to account for: as I said, it is a bit silly to try to measure vinyl using a steel tool.