Newbie brainstorming while I wait for my GF to arrive

I have an idea for something that I’d like to make, but I’m curious about a material and have a question:

I’d like to make some butterflies and I see lots of files available for them, but almost all of them are flat. The ones I see that aren’t look like they’re cut from paper, but I want something more sturdy.

Is it possible to (lightly) heat up the acrylic after it’s been cut with the GF and gently bend the wings up a little so that it looks (more) like a live butterfly? Is it thin enough, or is there an acrylic sheet that’s sold that IS thin enough to tweak with a heat gun? Or if not acrylic, is there another option?

Thanks in advance.


Absolutely! That is one of the abilities that makes acrylic so fun to use. Here is one example: ‘Flower’ drop spindles - Made on a Glowforge - Glowforge Owners Forum


Thanks so much! This is exciting news.


You might try a forum search on “slump bowls.” There was also a “lace bowl” I remember. They’re not butterflies, but they’ll fuel your creativity. :slight_smile:


I used to make slump bowls when I worked with glass. Haven’t done any with resin yet, but now I can look at making them with the GF, too. Fun times.


I did a bit of that but have very little left.

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