Hello fellow forgers…newbie here. Finally getting around to playing with my GlowForge and am enjoying the limited success I’ve had so far. However, after futzing around for the longest time to try and get the attached cut/engraved, I’ve given up and am asking the community for some (presumably) simple answer to my problem. I wish to cut the holes and outside of the box lid (marked in red) and engrave the letters (in black). I’ve tried several combinations of stroke/fill on Inkscape which worked for another file, but not for this one for some reason. If I change the letters to ‘score’ then the printer is happy to do that, but ‘Engrave’ and the scanning completes and then the job fails as no print dialog appears…any help would be much appreciated!drawing

If you want to upload the file so that someone can take a look at it, Zip it first, then drag and drop it into an open post. (But basically, for engraving, give the closed shapes a fill color but no stroke.)

For cutting, use no fill, but do give it a stroke color. (5.4 KB)

Thanks Jules. I tried what you said but still no dice. I’m not very adept at this yet, so apologies if this seems trivial. I’ve read some of the tips and tricks already…but clearly not well enough.

No worries, it takes a little time to learn your way around. You’ll be building pyramids before you know it. :grinning:

I’ll take a look at the file and see if anything jumps out.

Ahah! Did you use a single stroke font to create your letters? (Hershey Text extension?) Those are rare, but they are designed to be scored instead of engraved.

For those, all you need to do is Expand the Stroke, and it turns them into filled shapes instead of stroke lines.

Here you go…I also joined the unconnected legs of the rectangle, but other than that it should work now. (5.9 KB)


Thanks Jules! That printed at last…but I’m not sure how you did it? The file was from a friend who had exported both a .dxf and .svg file from QCAD. Not sure what the text format was. When I open the file you sent the letters are neither filled nor stroked in Inkscape??

Those are a strokeless fill. (Obviously there’s a vector path associated with it, but there is no Stroke Color assigned to it, so the interface ignores the path.

On your original, in Inkscape, select the text, click on Path > Object to Path, and then click on Path> Stroke to Path.

Inkscape has a two step process that’s required because of the way it’s set up for handling Bezier Curves. (Described in the tutorial below, if you want to understand more about it.)

And single stroke fonts are described here:


Thank you for the wonderful help @Jules! I’m glad to hear your fix worked.

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