Newbie, trying to use svg

Hello! I purchased an svg file but only want to print part of the file. However, I’m not sure how to hide the parts that I don’t want to print. (for example, the svg file that was sent has the example as part of it, obviously I don’t want to print that since it is personalized).

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You will probably need to delete the parts that you don’t want in a Design program and then re-saving the file before trying to Print it in the Glowforge interface.

Most folks use Inkscape (free) or one of the other paid design programs. In Inkscape you would need to open the file, probably Ungroup it a few times (depending on how it’s made) and then Delete any parts you don’t want. Then you can re-save it.

(Or you can change the Stroke or Fill color if you want to keep the parts of the design, then just set those to Ignore in the Glowforge interface.)


If you want to keep parts but not see them in the GFUI you can go to the Inkscape object window, find the part you wish to disappear, and poke it in the eye. All such parts that the eye is closed will not be brought into the GFUI.


Hmmm… that is an interesting bit of trivia/knowledge you just gave me there.

never knew about the object window. though to be hones there is vastly more I don’t know about inkscape than I DO know. LOL

More nontrivial trivia…

If you have a second screen, Inkscape and Gimp will make good use of them.

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Fortunately I do! The problem is that I do a significant amount of 'skaping… on my laptop while we are watching a show. but when the design situation is more serious or I’m finalizing something I’m on the desktop. so I will certainly make more use of the windows and my deskspace :slight_smile:

I just looked at that object list window. Wow that is such a great thing to know.


Thanks for the answer @Jules , that’s right. Also, if your design is saved as different elements, you can click on the part of your design that you would like to avoid printing. On the left-hand side settings, you could then click ‘Ignore.’ If your design is saved as one element, you could split it up in Inkscape or another editing program before uploading to the Glowforge App. I’m going to move this thread to Tips & Tricks so the conversation can continue.

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