Newlamp Ideas

Much thanks to @geek2nurse for the walk down the Kumiko rabbit hole, and even more for the thought of separating the window from the frame :star_struck:

I did take off in a couple of new directions of diagonal supports and making them also be feet. The base is poplar and the grill is mahogany which is interesting but I think that the frame would be better dark and the grill light but my supply of wider wood is limited to poplar, oak, and butternut at this time


I’ve decided I love them all.


All actually the same one instead of inserting the ones I plan it inserted all of the set I photographed.

From the photos I thought there were different woods.

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If I change from one eye to the other I get that much color difference :crazy_face: Poplar more than most seems to do that (the mahogany is not as extreme) but even in Gimp it can be hard to get the color correct (or even which eye is correct)