Next Glowforge talk show?


Seems like the next one should be due right about now. Does anyone know if one is planned? @karaelena and @takitus both seem to be pretty scarce here lately so maybe interest in the concept is dwindling a bit amongst the original group.


Or an open house :wink:


yes! I’ll bring drinks and fancy cheese!


Things have been fairly quiet all around (including within these forums). There is not a lot of new things to discuss.

@karaelena is the one who organizes them. We might do another one soon, but I think we’re waiting to have more interesting topics.


That and we all have been busy with life projects.

Some of us are working on other projects. Others are in the process of selling and moving there house.

Once that settles down a bit we’ll do another show.


Good thing you guys are salaried. :slight_smile:


Hmm - sounds like you think one or more of the GF Talk Show folks might be hiding a beta. That does make a lot of sense.


Yep, I’ve seen the other activity on your channel - good stuff!


No, I was actually referring to the open houses that they have held at the Glowforge offices in the past. Now that they have gotten settled in their new digs (and now that I’m local!) it would be awesome if they had another open house.

That said, I guess I’ll just have to wait for Maker Faire Seattle to check it out.


Oh, too bad. Any of the talk show regulars would make good beta choices.


I agree :wink: