Next live glowforge Q and A

Anyone know if and when they will be holding a live Q+A? I’m not sure if they ever done one before but it would be great if they did. Please set up a time. Also having a live demo of the glowforge and maybe an update on status of glowforges . Thank you everyone​:metal:t2::smile::smile::bulb::money_with_wings:

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I don’t know if there will be others, but here is an archived one (I wanna say there was another, but I think I am remembering the open house)

EDIT: Found another:


On our todo list! It sounds pedestrian but the video equipment got lost in the move from the old office - getting everything set up again has taken second seat to everything else, but @bailey will be on it soon.


Just grab a smartphone and Periscope it! It’s what all the kids are into these days. :wink: