Nice little birdhouse

Here is a little birdhouse i made. It consists of 3 pieces. I’m still trying figure how to mount it or if I should hang i it.


A very cool use of living hinges. One could only wish for a Glowforge lid camera n the top as a webcam. I think that running a copper wire through connected in front of a window would make it hard for non-flying critters to arrive and allow you to watch the families that do.

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Wonderful design, definitely needs a marine type varnish to keep it intact. I would glue it in a crotch in a tree branch. But I live in a temperate climate…

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Very cool, would it hang under cover away from the elements?

yes to protect it from strong winds and rain

I would second the need for weather protection, but I would also think in terms of predator protection as well,


Cool idea–but will it be hung with the hole on top? Not sure what species likes that–if not under an overhang, the hole in top would let rain in… alas so could the gaps in the living hinge? But still nicer than many!! Putting the hole in the front flat rounds would be ideal for many species, too.


And near a window or even a porch if not too close to people walking by, sparrows and wrens could be attracted to such a place

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Very unique, hope you can work through the survival from elements and critters.

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Wow, those birds are getting pretty posh quarters!


I have one hanging away from the elements so now I just wait. I had made a bird feeder one and a bird decided to use is as a birdhouse.

That is so awesome!! So many creative and talented people on here.

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