Nice table for Glowforge

I’ve been rearranging my home office and I wanted a smaller table for my Glowforge. I found this nice bamboo desk on Amazon. It is surprisingly solid and looks really nice. The drawers are a little sloppy and it would be nice to have a shelf underneath, but it is a quick, easy place to put your Glowforge.


It’s cute. Seems like a pricey option to have no storage underneath, but at least it looks like real furniture.


Definitely not the cheapest solution, but I had it in hand within a week and assembled in 30 minutes.

Once you have your Glowforge in place, you can build your own shelves. :grin:

I don’t have the passthrough option, so the width is a little too much to build a single shelf. :frowning:

Trickier but possible (involves interlocking pieces)

I can imagine a few ways to do it. Can you point me to an example design?

It is a box under stress from bending Oak plywood but is a go-to design I use for same plane additions.

the top of each finger is a circle set so a cross section is about half with each circle at 2/3 the total distance.

I suspect it would take a good bit of glue to hold this together in a planar shelf under load.

Two layers not cut in the same place could be very strong, Even that box has very strong stresses as it tries to become a flat sheet again which makes it a great drum but the round knuckles prevent pulling out so it has been stable for over a year now.

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