Nice Walmart find

I found this sign board thingy at Walmart for under $10.00 It is 12" x 12" x 1.875" thick.
I removed the crumb tray and it fit perfectly. With the new calibration, I was able to eyeball the print pretty darn close to center.
Overall pretty happy.


Kewl sign!

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Nice work!

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I tried one of these and had to throw it out. Using the engrave settings from medium basswood plywood, it burnt off the entire veneer of the sign, revealing that the “wood” is basically hollow, like corrugated cardboard. You’d have to engrave it very lightly to not burn all the way through.


Good to know. The pre-made backers always look like they’d be so handy to use, but it would probably be worthwhile to have a sacrificial one for testing questions.

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Worked perfectly for this design.