Nier Automata 9s necklace

Just received my glowforge today!

The first thing I made (after the obligatory founder’s ruler) is a necklace for my friend who’s obsessed with the recent Nier Automata game. It’s a choker that the character 9s wears.

It’s hard to tell sizing inside the glowforge app and I wish there was a way to measure how tall or long the item is you’re cutting. It would be nice to be able to input the length or width you want something to be and have it auto scale to that as well. (I’m going to feel so dumb if this already exists and I didn’t notice it -_-).

I made this out of proofgrade black acrylic and a strip of black leather from Michael’s I found laying around. The glowforge cut both these materials great!

Kind of boring and quick first project but I just came back from a business trip and only had an hour with the glowforge by the time I got home :(. Excited for the weekend!


What?! No way! It looks great!


Looks great! :grinning:


The necklace came out wonderful! :slight_smile:

There are guide rulers along the top & left side of the UI, so when you’re resizing your images you can scoot them over next to the rulers for a sense of scale. You may have just overlooked these in all the excitement. Take a look next time, and if you don’t see them, be sure to shoot off an email to support (and be sure to tell them which browser you’re using).


That’s great, thanks for telling me! I did totally miss those :frowning: !


Looks really cool…nice job!!


I think it’s great! Sure beats my cardboard sign first project!

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The best that’s there right now is there are rulers on the top and left that you can use to judge dimensions. The contrast on them isn’t great so you might have missed them. As for numerical sizing for an object, you’re out of luck in the GFUI. If you want to make something a specific size you’ll need to set that in whatever application you use to create your images.

Your necklace is GREAT! It looks like a perfect replica! What a way to start forging!


Is this for a cosplay? If so that’s an awesome piece to have!


I think it is great…nice job!


Nice!!! Congratulations on your new :glowforge:

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Yeah! I’m a closet weeb, you guys are the only ones who know my secret haha.


thank you :smiley:

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Congratulations on your new Glowforge! Great first project!!

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Congrats! And great first project!

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The black acrylic and leather look great together. If this is your first project, I can’t imagine what you’ll be doing in a month… or a year! Keep us posted.