Night Light Fun

Wow, that is a surprise. I am paying around $17 for 4. I will check my local Dollar Tree here. Thanks :astonished:

I picked one up from Dollar Tree, but unfortunately, the part that goes into the nightlight is 3-dimensional. It needs to notch into the base and isn’t held in by screws like in the nightlight above. In the Dollar Tree one, the screw,just holds the twoparts of the base together and has nothing to do with the plastic “design portion.” I’m trying to fiure out a workaround. Ideas?

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This is what I have used. New Night Light (1.8 KB)
Hope this will help.:blush:


Thank you for this and your other posts. No, however. I was talking about the Dollar Tree nightlight that has a thicker base and isn’t mounted with screws. I don’t know how to make an acrylic for it because the base is 3 dimensional and too thick.

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Layers, maybe?

A dab of crazy glue will hold it in place, or a 2nd small piece of plexi will act as a wedge to hold it.

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